Establishment           :  1954-55

Built up area             : 725.32 sq meters
Affiliation                    Adikavi Nannayya University
Courses offered        MPC, BZC, FZC, MCCs, M.Sc (Chemistry)     


Brief History

  • The department of chemistry was established in the year 1954-55 with Sri G.V.Krishna Murthy, a dynamic personality as the first member of the faculty.
  • Many great personalities like Dr.C.L.Sastry, Sri K.Raghavendra Rao, Dr. P.Subba Rao, Sri L.Hanumantha Rao, Sri N.S.Murthy, Sri N.Sri Hari, Sri K.S.R Mohana Rao, Sri A.B.Lakshmi Narayana,Sri N.Madan served the department in various capacities.
  • Out of 19 faculty members, 06 members are with Ph.D and 02 member with M.Phil as their highest qualification.
  • Our faculty member  Dr.KA Emmanuel were selected for State Best Teacher Awards in the academic year2009